Tuition Options

Full Stack Software Development Track

$225 bi-weekly payments

With our new payment plan, you can get started with Lubbock Coding Academy for just $460 up-front. After you begin classes you’ll make bi-weekly payments of $225 for 18-months, for a total program cost of $8,560. No interest and no penalty for prepayment!


Alternatively, if you are committed to going through the entire program, you can cover the entire cost of tuition for the program upfront if you are able to do so.

$500 Deposit

Pay $500 towards your first course, and cover the remainder with a personal loan from Texas Tech Federal Credit Union. Loan draws can be requested for each course, and a check will be sent directly to the Lubbock Coding Academy to cover your tuition. You can borrow up to $7,500 with this loan.

I've always been interested in programming and being able to create something so being able to take what I learned at ACA and get a job with it ... was one of the best decisions I've made.